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Africell Presents Brand New Motor Bike to Petty trader

Africell Presents Brand New Motor Bike to Petty trader

As they continue to give back to their subscribers in various communities across the country through the Africell Mega Promo, the leading mobile company in Sierra Leone, Africell, has presented a brand new motor bike to the sixth lucky winner of Africell Mega Promo for this week.

Receiving the brand new motor bike from Africell in Makeni on Tuesday September 12, Zanaib Dumbuya, the sixth lucky winner for this week, expressed thanks and appreciation to Africell for taking her out of poverty for which she has been dragging within the last 40 years.

“I felt good and excited. I want to express my thanks and appreciation to Africell for taking me out of poverty. Thank you for taking me out of poverty which I have been battling with in the last 40 years. I think the reason why I won this bike; is because I have been recharging my phone since I heard about the Africell Mega Promo from August. And I know that is the reason why I have bagged this brand new motor bike” she stated.

She proudly pointed out that, since she has grown to an adult age, Africell was the only institution that has been good to her and her family, adding that she was actually in doubt of winning any of the prizes because of the negative perception been circulated on social media that the promotions are fake and was not true. She mentioned that she said receiving the brand new motor bike to her was a humanitarian leadership showed by Africell and that she can happily now spread the message to others to believe in the promotion being offered by Africell.

“I am sure I can be a testimony now to other people. And I am sure such promotion is not only meant for the rich but I believe if you try your luck you can also be another winner. I am so happy where I am today. I was not even dreaming of having a motorcycle, but today I am sure it is a call by the Almighty Allah. But look at my age I now own a Brand New Motor Bike. I am now an owner of a brand new motor bike which I have never dreamt of” she said.

She continued that before this time she used to spend close to NLe 40 on transportation a day just for her kids to get to school, but however, she added clinching a brand new motor bike from Africell transportation for her children will be a thing of the past.

In her conclusion message, she once again thanked Africell for what they have done for her and her family. She called on all Africell subscribers to speedily rush and recharge their Africell SIM cards as the Mega Promo is still ongoing across the country and emphasized that you can be a lucky winner if God marks you to be the winner of the Mega Promo. Definitely, she added you will be the next lucky winner.

Handing over the brand new motor bike to this week lucky winner, the Sales Supervisor for Africell, Northern Region, Mohamed Conteh noted that they have been informing people about the ongoing Africell Mega Promo from Monday to Saturday every day, adding that since they started the promotion in August this year, and they have given 6 motor bikes out of the 24 motor bikes. He said the motor bikes are placed for lucky winners across the country.

He disclosed that despite the motor bikes, there are other cash prizes for people to win. He explained that you can only be a lucky winner if you have a brand new Africell SIM card or you buy NLe 10 Africell top-up so that you can be part of the lucky winner.

The Africell Sales Supervisor stated, Africell is trying to promote people especially, the less privilege. He intimated that Africell as a true ‘Kombra’ mobile network in the country cannot differentiate between the poor and the rich, maintaining that Africell encourages every class of people and that as far as you are an Africell subscriber you stand a chance of being a lucky winner of the mega promotion.

Mohamed Conteh concluded by calling on all Africell subscribers to rush now and buy brand new SIM cards and also recharges Nle 10 top-up to stand a chance of winning the different Africell Mega Promo.

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