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Africell Presents NLe 50,000 to Ramadan Promotion Winner

By Foday Moriba Conteh

One of the renowned GSM operators in the country, Africell, has on Tuesday 2nd May, 2023 presented the sum of NLe 50,000 to Bayan R. Decker, an SS1 pupil of the Royal Becklyn Academy in Freetown as the last lucky winner of the Africell Ramadan Di Hut Show. The presentation was done at Africell Headquarters.

The Africell Head of Events and Sponsorship, Nancy L. Toure congratulated winners of the Africell Ramadan Di Hut Show after disclosing during the show 10 subscribers won mifi, 5 won NLe 50,000 with Bayan R. Decker emerging as the last lucky winner of the promotion also bagging the sum of NLe 50,000.

Head of Africell Media, John Konteh, spoke of the several encouragements they made for subscribers to be part of the show. He disclosed that lots of subscribers won different cash prizes, as 10 lucky winners in the Western area and many more across the country won grand prizes including fifty thousand new Leones winners.

He called on customers, who had not won, to take part or participate  in subsequent Africell promotions adding that the program was meant to engage people who fasted and those who did not fast during the month of Ramadan.

He said the company has paid tax deducted from the amounts the customers won adding that the company has in that direction helped the Government in revenue generation.

“As a company, we are committed to developing people and it is our responsibility to encourage our esteem customers.”

Mrs. Decker, mother of the winner narrated how the winning came about. She said it was not the first time her family has won from Africell as her husband won some years ago.

“Most of the time his grandmother buys airtime for him which he normally uses to get information and entertainment,” she was making reference to the winner adding that the family was overwhelmed with joy as the father and the rest of the family graced the presentation.

The winner, Bryan R. Decker, said he was happy but decided to be calm in order to get things right.

He spoke about his ambition of becoming a lawyer maintaining that when one decides to do things his own one can succeed than when people force someone to do something or to make things to happen.

“I used my data to study and watch movies,” the winner stated with pride.

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