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Afrimoney officially unveil Artical Foyoh as Eastern king.

Freetown, Sierra Leone – In a vibrant ceremony at the Hotel 5/10 conference hall, Afrimoney officially unveiled their new Brand Ambassador, Emmanuel Rogers, popularly known as Artical Foyoh, the President of the Eastern Artist Union. Embracing his new title as Afrimoney Eastern King, Artical Foyoh’s appointment is a significant milestone for both Afrimoney and the local entertainment industry.

Jesse Amara, President of the Sierra Leone DJs Union, hailed the announcement as a positive development. “This is welcoming news for the entertainment industry. It highlights the impact our artists are making in the country,” he said. Amara encouraged entertainers to remain dedicated to their craft, noting that perseverance can lead to such esteemed recognitions.

Hajaratu Sudi Esq, Team Lead of Afrimoney Financial Services, urged the entertainment community to support Artical Foyoh in his new role. “Stay engaged with Africell and Afrimoney,” she said, hinting at future rewards and benefits for loyal customers.

Martison Obeng Agyei, Managing Director of Afrimoney, emphasized the company’s commitment to recognizing and supporting local talent. “Afrimoney is dedicated to reaching every corner of Sierra Leone, celebrating and promoting the good work of individuals,” he said. Agyei highlighted that Afrimoney’s unique service allows customers to send money for free, which can be advantageous for various personal and business projects.

In his acceptance speech, Artical Foyoh expressed gratitude to his family, One Vision Entertainment, friends, and fans for their unwavering support. “I am elated and honored by this recognition. Afrimoney has placed great trust in me, and I am committed to delivering with effectiveness and efficiency,” he stated. Artical Foyoh plans to build a dedicated team, creating employment opportunities for the Eastern community.

The unveiling ceremony concluded with an electrifying performance by Artical Foyoh, debuting his new song “Sonkor Sonkor,” which captures the essence of Sierra Leonean culture.

This collaboration between Afrimoney and Artical Foyoh marks a promising step forward for the integration of financial services and the entertainment industry in Sierra Leone.



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