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An Islamic Schorlar In Kambia Threatened To Kill His Son Because He is a Practicing Gay.

By Our Northern Correspondent.

The offences against the persons acts 1861 is still intact in Sierra Leone section 61 criminalizes buggery and bestiality with a penalty of life imprisonment and hard labor . However ,sex acts between woman have not been criminalizes and homosexuality is a taboo in Sierra Leone. An Islamic Schorlar In Kambia district north of Sierra Leone Alhaji Sheik Bangura has threatened to kill his own biological Son Abubakarr Bangura since he resolved to practice homosexuality as his way of life.

Reporting reaching this medium revealed that Abubakarr Bangura a fine gentle Man emanates from a strong religious Muslim background whose customs and traditions as Mandingo ethnic group seriously frown at homosexualism, thus were totally disappointed in him when it comes to their notice that there son Abubakarr Bangura has to choose homosexualism as a practice.

The family members of Abubakarr Bangura decided to take the leading role of destroying the destiny of Mr Abubakarr Bangura by conspiring with community members in a plot to take the life of the young gentle man Abubakarr Bangura whom they referred to as a disgrace in the family and a black sheep of the family because he choose to practice gay and promote gay rights. People who do practice homosexuality faces violence, harassment, discrimination and death.

Sources closed to the family intimated that several attempts have been made by family members using the means of Juju or a witch doctor to eliminate him from the face of the Earth but all seemed fruitless. Information’s continued that family members of Abubakarr Bangura further decided to plan a clandestine operations be in which he will be physically assaulted by hired thugs just in the name of saving the family for alleged shame which Abubakarr Bangura has put the family into.

Report also reaching this medium that community members who have been accusing Abubakarr Bangura of initiating community youths into the practice of homosexualism were also aggrieved and were determined to ensure that Abubakarr Bangura is totally obliterated in the community to the extent that there plan of killing Abubakarr Bangura materialized.

A friend of Abubakarr Bangura told this press that gay, bisexual and transgender people in Sierra Leone face constant harassment and violence from their neighbors and homophobic attacks go unpunished by authorities. Because of the constant and frequent harassment by Abubakarr Bangura, he mysteriously disappeared from the community and country at large a few months ago as he has been declared wanted by the police in Kambia. As at time of writing this article, reliable sources revealed to this press that Abubakarr Bangura has absconded from the country and that his whereabout is yet unknown and there is no clue concerning him until date.



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