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Ansu Bawah Aka Long John ATM Machine Declared Wanted For Conspiracy

By Santigie Kandeh Sesay

 Sierra Leonean musician artist in the person of Ansu Bawah nickname Long John ATM Machine whose musical slogan entitled ” Angry Man Bos Per Jollof ” stands in support of the masses has been declared wanted by the Sierra Leone Police for what they described as incitement with anti-government songs.  Ansu Bawah AKA Long John ATM Machine is one of many Sierra Leonean artist singing antigovernment songs against the corruption’s, tribalism and regionalism, under the current government of President Bio, even though the musician is a member of the same tribe.

 Reports monitored through traditional and social media have it  most artist from Europe and USA  bashing on the present government are faced with intimidations, police arrest and gang attacks  from the supporters of the ruling government for singing or releasing song’s they considered as incitement that will lead to public unrest.  The title of the Music ” Angry Man Bos Per Jollof ” exposes the corrupt system of the SLPP PAOPA Government and at the same time sensitizing the masses and creating awareness that the government has done nothing good other than corruption political witch hunt and intimidations against members of the All people Congress as well as other members of other political parties in Sierra Leone. 

The authorities are however insisting that the song was a deliberating attempt to demonize the government in the eyes of the public and that the musician must face the full force of the law.  As at time of going to press , the whereabouts of Ansu Bawah aka Long John ATM Machine remain unknown while the police intensify search efforts to bring him before the law. Human rights groups believe the musician was being persecuted and expressed fears for his life. Similar fears are being expressed by family members who claims they have not heard from their relative since his disappear ance . Some of his friends are even thinking he has been kidnapped and killed.



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