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As his same sex counterpart beaten to death …Same sex partner on the run for his life

A 28- year- old Ahmed Bangura is running for his dear life after stakeholders, youths and law enforcement officials declared him wanted for indulging into same sex marriage/ homosexual affair with his partner John Johnson.
This came after police understand that he had escaped from the cell where he and his gay partner where held thus prompting the community stakeholders including youths and the chief in the locality to declare him wanted.
The incident happened after the dead body of his partner was found lying on the main streets whom reports have indicated that he died as a result of beating from law enforcement officers when they were both arrested.
A civil rights Activist and chairman of the Youth Empowerment and Development Association, Mr. Mohamed Kamara has made several appeals to the authorities that are concerned but all have fallen on deaf ears, as the youth and stakeholders have vehemently resolved to ensure that they put an end to all same sex or homosexual practices in their jurisdiction by inflicting severe punishment on Ahmed Bangura which can lead to his untimely death.
According to an eye witness who preferred anonymity said that Ahmed Bangura’s partner John Johnson who happen to be his childhood friend ran out of luck as he was beaten to death whilst in police custody and after few days his corpse was seen lying in the main street in the community. He added that this prompted Ahmed Bangura to run for his dear life after an officer helped him escape.
He went on to say, community stakeholders, the chief and then the angry youths have been issuing threats and warning against anyone that will be seen accommodating Ahmed Bangura. He said that since then, they haven’t set eyes on Ahmed Bangura.
When members of the security forces were contacted by this press, they declined to comment on the issue.
Also the parents of Ahmed Bangura who are devout Muslimss condemned the act of their son stating that their Islamic doctrine and religious belief does not encourage same sex relationship or homosexuality as they see it ungodly.
Further report indicated that, Ahmed Bangura had long being abandoned by his parents, whilst growing up, he encountered lots of challenges affecting his way of life and well-being.
Some people believed that it is due to the challenges that he encountered as a young man whilst growing up that saw him into practicing same sex relationship.
All efforts to get the side of Ahmed Bangura have proved futile.



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