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As stakeholders of the Deep Eye Water Community go on the rampage… Lesbian Declared Wanted

A young lady by the name of Memunatu Mansaray has been declared wanted by stakeholders of the Deep Water Community, in the Western Rural Area of Freetown for allegedly practicing same sex or Lesbian.

Speaking to this medium, Mr. Bassie Sankoh, an indigene of Deep Eye Water Community said that the practice of same sex or Lesbian is a taboo in their community. She went on to say that anyone caught practicing same sex or Lesbian according to their bye-law should be killed by hanging in the community. He continued by stating that Memunatu Mansaray and Mariama were caught having sexual intercourse in a bush.

Mr. Sankoh went on to say that Memunatu Mansaray and Mariama were taken to the elders for the appropriate actions to be taken.  Whilst the elders were busy admonishing the youth to desist from taking the laws into their hands, Mr. Sankoh said that Memunatu Mansaray escaped in the process. He added that several search were conducted but to no avail and at the end only Mariama was executed by hanging in the presence of all stakeholders in the Deep Eye Water community and her remains was buried at the Deep Eye Water Cemetery. On behalf of members of the Deep Eye Water Community, Mr. Sankoh has issued stern warning to all those that will provide accommodation to Memunatu Mansaray that they will face the wretch of the elders of the community.

 According to the Fatu Kamara claimed that Memunatu Mansaray was initiated into Lesbianism by Mariama, adding that both of them have been practicing same sex for years. She went on to say that she was also approached by Mariama to join them in the practice of same sex but she refused. She made an appeal to the elders to tamper justice with mercy on poor Memunatu Mansaray.

The Spokesman of the Sierra Leone Police, Superintendent Brima Kamara said that every community has its bye-laws and that the police have no business to interfere with it. Mr. Kamara went on to say that even members of the police frown at the practice of lesbianism, adding by describing the practice as evil and uncultured to be accepted by well meaningful Sierra Leoneans. In the process of administering justice in the community, Mr. Kamara has warned all those that may want to interfere with the process to desist or else they will face the full force of the law.

A renowned human rights activist has condemned the act of declaring Memunatu Mansaray by describing it as a violation of the rights of both Memunatu Mansaray and Mariama. Mr. Mohamed Kamara has issued a twenty one day ultimatum to the stakeholders of the Deep Eye Water community to reverse their decision of declaring Memunatu Mansaray Wanted or else he will embark on nationwide protest.

In a swift response, the Chairman of the Deep Eye Water Community has referred to the statement of the civil society activist as bogus and empty, adding by threatened to wage a war on the Civil Right Activist for questioning their decision. 

All efforts made to get the side of Memunatu Mansaray have proven futile.



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