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Bollore Country Manager Honoured … After 187 years in Menthaba Village

There was a massive celebration on Friday 24th September 2021 at Menthaba Village in the Sanda Tendaren Chiefdom, to not only welcome the first even White Man to visit the village for development purposes but also to official accord him the title Pa Kapr Komrabai Kawaleh (meaning Ambassador of Light), by Ceremonial Chiefs. Fabjanko Kokan, Bollore Transport, and Logistics Country Manager received recognition for the Sanda Tendaren Chiefdom and beyond.

There was great jubilation in the Village as traditional authorities, women and other young people came out with the drums, singing and dancing in honor of their new hero.

He was highly acclaimed by traditional authorities for his contribution to their village, especially the construction of a school named Bollore Primary School.

Captain Kokan who joined the celebration thanked the Local Authorities and community people for the heroic welcome. He revealed that Bollore was founded in 1965 and that its founders lay premium on development. “I love working and following people. I work with different classes of people irrespective of their tribes, religion, or political affiliation,” he said and added that he does not judge people but he rather accepts what they are and that he judges people on what they do. “If you want to change the world you have to surrender to good people, give them trust and responsibilities,” Kokan said and added that “we can change the world if we work together. One finger cannot pick up a stone.”

Captain Fabjanko Kokan, Bollore’s Country Manager said he’s proud of his team’s contribution to the project. He said the construction of the school is a result of good people like Stanley Bangura that are doing a great job for the children of Menthaba and surrounding villages.

The company also donated school bags with learning materials and ten bags of rice to the community.

Captain Kokan noted that the donation is to build great hope for the children and their community. He thanked Stanley Bangura Junior, the initial donors, and his team for the great work and called other individuals and institutions to provide similar supports. Kokan praised Bangura for taking him to Karene District to support children’s development.

The School’s Acting Head Teacher, Bashir Musa Kabia admonished parents to send their children to school and monitor their school work.

The newly crowned local authority assured that his team is committed to taking the lead in providing humanitarian donations to people.

Giving an overview of the project, Stanley Bangura Junior thanked the company for its timely intervention to support some major parts to complete the school project.

He said the village, which was founded 187 years ago can only boast of a school the serves surrounding villages. He pointed out that children now have access to education at their doorsteps and that it saves them the time and energy used to travel some 7 to 8 miles walk to acquire education. The long-distance to access a school, he said had caused an increase in the illiteracy rate over the years. “I am happy to have Bollore coming in to support the project at a very crucial time,” he said and added that the school is a felt need for seven other neighboring communities.

A total of 512 pupils registered for this academic year but the school only accepted 196 due to limited space. “Over 300 children want to access education but due to the long-distance and limited school accommodation they cannot access education,” Bangura said and furthered that he has so far volunteered to pay the five teachers currently working in the school until they are been approved by the government.

The Regent Chief of Sanda Tendaren Chiefdom, Pa Alhaji Bundu re-echoed the call for a parent to take advantage of the opportunity accorded them by sending their children to school.

Several donations and pledges were made to the school, such as the Regent Chief who donated Le250,000 for the purchase of school uniforms for some of the pupils that are yet to have theirs.

A representative of the District Education Directorate committed his institution’s support to get the school approved. He donated assorted textbooks to ease school learning.

The Paramount Chieftaincy Aspirants in the upcoming Chiefdom election, Sheik Abdulrahman Tejan Bangura, Sallieu Munu, and Sheriff Abass Sesay pledged their commitment to upgrade and maintain the school if elected. Sheik Bangura donated school materials to pupils and pledged to build three more classrooms, whilst Sheriff Abass Sesay pledged his contribution to the teachers’ salaries.

Newly crowned Pa Kapr Komrabai Kawaleh


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