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Death treat on Wullie Hai ‘Soja Team’ Hunts Wullie Hai

One Wullie Hai aged 28 years and of No. 21 Jamboria Street, Calaba Town has been reportedly missing since the 9th October, 2021 after he managed to cunningly escape a death trap by some grass root supporters of the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) dubbed as “SOJA TEAM” a well-established and recognized mob unit within the party structures.

According to information gathered by this medium 28 year old Wullie Hai together with other members of the SLPP “SOJA TEAM” was sent to disrupt and destroy an on ongoing by-election in Koinadugu district, Northern region of Sierra Leone between the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) and the main opposition All People’s Congress (APC) party which the latter’s main stronghold.
Reports gathered disclosed that the SLPP thugs were instructed by the National Publicity Secretary and Deputy Internal Affairs Minister, Lahai Lawrence Leema to go and violently disturbed the voting process by destroying ballot boxes. According to confirmed sources Wullie Hai refused to go stating that the party has failed to provide jobs for them, but only using them on violent mission on vendetta against their political rivals.
Sources disclosed that due to Wullie Hai refusal to go along with the other thugs, the Deputy Internal Affairs Minister Lahai Lawrence Leema bluntly told Wullie Hai that he will surely get killed by his boys as he has denied his order as National Publicity Secretary of the ruling party in governance.

However confirmed sources further disclosed that Wullie Hai life was saved by one of his close friends within the SLPP ‘’SOJA TEAM” who on the 8th October 2021 informed him about their plan to kill him because he had refused to listen to the orders of Lahai Lawrence Leema.
Reports further stated that the SLPP National Publicity Secretary then ordered the leader of “SOJA TEAM” whose nickname is Ratty to attack and kill innocent Wullie Hai at his family house.

Sources explained that Wullie Hai family residence was attacked by the SLPP “SOJA TEAM” on the 9th October 2021 who desperately went in search of him but unfortunately for them Wullie Hai did not sleep the night at his parents’ house. His parents were then dragged out of the house and beaten mercilessly by these thugs who promised to go and come another day for Wullie Hai life. Ratty who is the leader of the SLPP ( SOJA TEAM ) thugs said that anywhere they see him they will end his time on earth by killing him.



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