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Deputy Justice Minister Clarifies: “No Extension of Presidential Mandate to 7 Years”

By Mohamed Kamara

The Deputy Minister of Justice, Alpha Sesay Esq, has clarified that there have been no discussions or proposals regarding the extension of the presidential tenure from five years to seven years, nor any suggestion of extending presidential terms from two to three terms of office.

Speaking at a press briefing organized by the Ministry of Information and Civic Education at the Conference Hall of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation on Tuesday, May 14, 2024, Alpha Sesay shed light on the Constitutional Review process, emphasizing their careful examination of various clauses within the constitution. He explained the distinction between entrenched and non-entrenched clauses, noting that the former requires Parliamentary approval through a proposed bill, while the latter refers to a referendum following the correct procedures. He highlighted the extensive consultations carried out by the government with stakeholders, including Religious, Civic, and Traditional Authorities.

The Constitutional Review process traces back to 1999 with the Lome agreement, calling on nations to review their Constitutions. Initially named the Peter Tucker Review Committee, it was later rebranded as the Constitutional Review Committee, chaired by Justice Cowan, comprising an 80-member panel representing all sectors of society. The committee engaged with 10,000 members of the public, consulted 133 stakeholders, collaborated with 80 experts, received 110 position papers, aired discussions for 20,000 hours, and attracted 4,950 visitors to its website. Madam Simitie Lavelly Esq, Commissioner at the Human Rights Commission Sierra Leone, commended the committee’s diligent work.



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