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In the September 2021 edition, Reputation Poll International, A global brand in reputation ratings named 50 most reputable bank CEO’S in Africa.

The selection process took into account those who have built and played an imperative roll in revolutionizing the banking industry sector based on the following criteria; Excellence, Integrity, Reliability, Expertise, Technology and ease of credit. The 50 top CEO’S have helped their banks attain great heights of performance.

Amongst those who bagged this most prestigious award was the CEO’s and Managing Director of Sierra Leone’s Rokel Commercial Bank, Dr Walton Ekundayo Gilpin(COR).

Dr Gilpin was appointed CEO and Managing Director of the bank in July 2017.  He hit the ground running and it soon became evident that he was the right man for the job. He has an excellent strategic mindset, coupled with the rare ability to turn the strategy into practical actions and implemented while at the same time engaging staff at all levels.

Dr Gilpin is every bit a professional, with one outstanding quality—his quiet Charm which quickly gains the respect of all who come into contact with him. It is no wonder he was recently decorated with the high National Award “ Commander Of The Order Of The Rokel” COR.

He is a totally committed and result focused CEO, with an enviable mix of good interpersonal skills and high integrity. He has great emotional intelligence, which he uses to his advantage and gets the maximum out of everyone within the organization. He is exceptionally reliable, determined and resolute. A thoroughbred who gets things done with a definite moral approach to his work.

Dr Gilpin is knowledgeable, insightful and positively challenging. Always ready to share his banking experience with his colleagues. He is a fantastic contributor to any group discussion.

The Banking industry is one that evolves quite rapidly and at times dramatically. Adaptability and Flexibility are amongst the traits needed to be successful within the industry and ones which he most certainly possesses.  In the Banking Industry having a well- developed strategic plan is important but executing the plan is what makes the difference.  His ability to put together a comprehensive plan and drive it forward is key to his enhanced performance and the single most important variable in execution is his ability to manage his resources well, most notably his team.

In the 21st Century, Technology is the leading force in change, the CEO and Managing Director is driven by a sense of purpose and success and is wired and passionate to move quickly and decisively towards technological advancement and customer desires. He strives to always be ahead of the curve. He can identify current trends, sees where the industry is heading and is proactive in formulating responses to the identified trends which puts the bank ahead of its competitors.  The CEO and Managing Director brought Digital banking to the RC Bank and articulately deployed with solution called RokelSimKorpor. Coupled with this, he regularly provides Pro bono lectures to students all over the country on Financial Literacy and Financial Inclusion.

Dr Walton Gilpin has the propensity to work with and influence stakeholders at all levels. He is audaciously bold and unafraid of venturing into uncharted waters. He sees digital banking as ‘The Road Ahead’ and to the end has taken difficult decisions while managing the details as they develop.

The Managing Director is a strategic thinker with focus, drive and enthusiasm to define and deliver the organisations objectives while at the same time ensuring his team remain equally driven to succeed.  He exudes confidence and has both charisma and presence which has propelled him to go places and walk corridors where lesser individuals would fear to tread.

Dr W E Gilpin is a highly able and experienced CEO with the ability to simultaneously manage multiple complex projects. His ability to derive maximum value from all his initiatives coupled with an astute business mind is second to none.

Key to his success is his deep rooted belief and strong faith in God. He is a firm believer and puts God central in every aspect of his life.

Best wishes for more successes in the future with assurances of my full and complete confidence.



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