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Gbondo Margai Applauds SLPP Delegates

By Hassan Bull(Bull-H)

The philanthropist and political genius who has championed several developmental activities in the country on behalf of the SLPP party, Mr. GbondoMargai has expressed gratitude to the SLPP delegates for re-electing him as chairman of the SLPP party in the East-Urban District of Freetown.

  “I am deeply moved by the expression of confidence from all eleven constituencies, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am immensely grateful to the family, friends and loyal supporters who so generously contributed their time and effort to our campaign during this very long election session,” said Mr. Gbondo after his re-election as Chairman of the East District Office.

He further assured the people of the East District that he will continue to support them to work in the interest of the SLPP party. He went on to say that he has an open door policy that does not discriminate anyone. Mr. Margai said that he will strengthen ties between the national executive of the SLPP party and that of the East District in providing support to the entire membership of the East District.

“I also feel that I could further strengthen the relationship with other leaders and stakeholders of the party with members of the East District,” said Mr. GbondoMargai, adding that he is passionate about serving others and help in giving out material support to the people of the East District. He said that he will continue to work in the interest of the people by creating job opportunities and provides livelihood support to them. He further assured the people that he will make the SLPP party great again in the East Urban District by attracting developmental activities in the district. He continued by stating that he is delighted to work alongside vibrant members who are very supportive to the mission and vision of the SLPP party in winning elections.



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