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Hon. Tawa Applauded

By Idrissa Conteh Many people were of the assumption that President Dr. Julius Maada Bio was not in support of Hon. Ibrahim Tawa Conteh of Constituency 132 at Lumley in Freetown when the Member of Parliament stood firmly against corruption in the House of Representatives. This illusive view was held firmly by some section of the Sierra Leonean populace but the President has proven to all and sundry that the fight against corruption is a national concern demanding everyone to be onboard.

A man of action as he is known, once again His Excellency President Bio has demonstrated magnanimity when he decided to take along Hon. Tawa to the UN General Assembly in New York, United States of America. The President did not only stop at that, he also ushered Hon. Tawa into the main hall, where deliberations by World Leaders took place.

Many Sierra Leoneans who were scrumptiously whispering that the President was not in support of Hon. Tawa’s corruption crusade in Parliament are now qualified to have a second thought, because if President Bio was not in support of his action, he will not have embraced him so dearly.

It is now crystal clear why Hon. Tawa was very confident in pointing out corrupt practices in the House of Parliament, also rendering corrective approaches to other State Institutions like the National Mineral Agency (NMA) and others.

Hon. Tawa Conteh is in support of the fight against corruption in the interest of the unsuspecting and downtrodden populace of Sierra Leone, thus attracting the attention of Mr. President albeit quietly. 

President Bio cannot be in every place but relied on the people’s representatives and other State functionaries to put the interest of the people in the execution of their duties above all else.

President Bio being a zero-tolerance corruption crusader himself, he careful watches and appreciates other corruption fighters outside the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) arrangement and rewards them in unexpected circumstances. No wonder when the President always affirmed “Those who engage in corruption no matter their affiliation or position, will face the full force of the law.”

On the opposite, suffice it to say that those who assist Mr. President in the fight against graft shall not only open their eyes in heaven but, shall also enjoy presidential recognition and favour during their life time.



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