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Lamin Kamara On The Run

Lamin Kamara a student, who does paid up domestic chores for Mr. Orbai Sesay the former barber to ex-President Koroma; is a wanted person following his mysterious escape from police custody after undergoing extreme torture at the hands of his captors.
The report further stated that Lamin was punished due to his refusal to disclose the whereabouts of Mr. Orbai Sesay whom he had an established relationship widely known within the nook and cranny of the country.
Lamin, according to report was apprehended in Makeni during a protest on July 18, 2020 by youths in that part of Sierra Leone for the removal of a generator plant that was to be transferred to Lungi International Airport for electricity generation.
Youths in Makeni became outrageous following a decision taken by the Ministry of Energy and SLPP led-government to transfer the said plant to the Lungi airport. However, the youth did not take kindly to this decision, as it was considered a political ploy to deprive Makeni city of much needed electricity supply; due to its strong support for the opposition All People’s Congress (APC) party.
According to information gathered by this press, on 18th July, 2020 at 5:00 AM in the morning hours, Lamin got a phone call from one of his uncles Mr. Osman Thomas Koroma in Makeni, that a cousin Mariatu Thomas Koroma was seriously sick and it could be better if Lamin check on her due to their close relationship.
Lamin lost both of his parents in 2015 during the Ebola outbreak that ravaged Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia. Lamin usually visits Mr. Orbai Sesay during weekends to do some home chores as a livelihood to generate income in order to support his education and also assist his younger siblings including Chernoh Kamara.
Mr. Orbai Sesay report went on was literarily chased out sometime in 2019 by thugs loyal to the ruling SLPP government due to his connection to former President Koroma. Lamin, we are told seek permission from Mrs. Orbai Sesay who he normally visit at the weekends for financial sustenance in order to visit his sick cousin in Makeni to check on her health condition.
On several occasions Lamin received death threat messages from thugs loyal to SLPP who promised that one day they will kill him brutally, as they put it for his unflinching loyalty to APC and that of Mr. Orbai Sesay, the barber to former President Koroma. After the permission was granted to Lamin, by Mrs. Orbai Sesay to travel to Makeni, our sources added that Lamin embarked on this journey on July 18, 2020 to visit his cousin so as to sympathize with her.
However, the trip turned out to be a nightmare as on arrival in Makeni, he met serious protest on that fateful day around 12:00 PM and was caught up by heavy confrontation between youths and security forces. The reason for the riot is for the removal of a generator plant installed by the former government of President Koroma from Makeni to Lungi.
Five (5) youths were shot dead by security forces as there were live gun shots and teargas canisters fired against the rampaging youths in order to disperse them. Unable to flee from the scene due to heavy gun fire; Lamin sources say was apprehended alongside other youths as one of the protesters.
Following their arrest, Lamin and others were immediately placed in a military truck and taken to Makeni city prison where they were detained for few days before obtaining statements from them.
After spending four nights at Makeni city prison; Lamin and fourteen others were whisked off to an unknown horrible detention center where they were severely manhandled and deprived of food stuffs and other facilities for about two to three months.
Whilst in detention, Lamin was accused by his captors of being APC as they stated that both his deceased parent too; as well as his boss (Mr. Orbai Sesay) the barber to former President Koroma as this continuous accusation worsen his already bitter ordeal that he gone through whilst in detention.

Lamin suffered serious inhuman treatments as he was tortured and right arm dislocated as he was continuously hit by gun-boot in order to confess and disclose the whereabouts of his former boss; who was on the run.
After weeks in detention, Lamin our sources added was placed under duress and coerced to reveal the exact location of his run away boss (Mr. Orbai Sesay) and what sinister plans the APC were orchestrating against the ruling SLPP government.
Even though Lamin stated that he was a student and doesn’t have any idea of the accusations levied against him by his captors they continue unabated maltreating him.
Almost a year in detention, suffering inhuman treatments, his escape was one day facilitated by an unknown person who miraculously came to his rescue and revealed that the intentions of the SLPP government was to slowly kill him in prison due to his unflinching loyalty to APC and more so his cordial relationship to Mr. Orbai Sesay.
Following the discovery about his escape from police custody, he was declared as a fugitive. As we went to press, Lamin Kamara’s exact whereabouts remain a mystery.



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