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Land Dispute …Life of Rugiatu Kamara Under Threat

The life of Rugiatu Kamara formerly of Tokeh Village has been the subject of serious threat from a group of persons following a land dispute in the Western Rural District of Sierra Leone.
This press gathered that Rugiatu was quite young when the land dispute began between her father and one Mr Mohamed and intensified even after both had passed away,so she could not recall the particular year .
Unfortunately for Rugiatu, her mother who inherited the land and became the bread winner died of an incurable disease.
This ugly development led Rugiatu to flee for her life and her whereabouts remain unknown after her brother Abdul Kamara was murdered by one Abdul Conteh and his criminal gang that had claimed ownership of the propriety inherited by Rugiatu and her brothers.
Rugiatu lost her Father in August 2019 and by all indications it was mandated for her mother to inherit all what belong to her husband including land and other property
Just months after her Father passed away, a group of persons emerged with machetes, 15 in number one particular morning brandishing harmful weapons issuing threatening remarks to the family of Rugiatu.
They were demanding that Rugiatu and her family vacate their property. or they risk losing their lives , but Rugiatu’s mother refused going to the Police to make a statement because she hasn’t got the money to induce the police as is the case in Sierra Leone where police officers are bribed to perform their duty.
The group that had claimed the property of Rugiatu’s Father kept coming making threàtening remarks even after Rugiatu’s mother, Hannah Kamara passed away as a result of an incurable health condition
The death of Rugiatu’s Mother led to them as children inheriting all their property with her three brothers including herself with her elder brother. Audul Kamara who was left in their care.
It was a sad day when one night in January 2022, Rugiatu was asleep with her two brothers; Santique Kamara and Abass Kamara when the group that had earlier threatened to take over their property. re~emerged again and she and her brothers ran away from their home to escape death.
One of her brothers, Abdul Kamara was murdered by one of the members of the gang, Abdul Conteh who happens to be the leader of such a murderous gang and a relative of Mr Mohamed who also claimed ownership of the land.
As a result of this terrible incident, both Rugiatu and her other brothers abandoned their home for fear of being the next target and the gang indeed ordered Rugiatu Kamara to choose between her life and the property.
Rugiatu then had no option but to escape for her life leaving her two younger brothers helpless
As at press time we learnt that Rugiatu is still being hounded by those who now claimed the property of her late father with the promise that she will lose her life any time she steps foot in Sierra Leone
Sierra Leone operates very chaotic land laws where people have been murdered on the stop as a result of land dispute.

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