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Lands Minister to Sign MoU with Foreign Housing Companies

y Mohamed Kamara  

The Minister of Lands Housing and Country planning, Dr. Turad Senesie has revealed at the usual press briefing organized by the Ministry of Information and Communications on Thursday 29thJuly 2021 that his technical team has prepared proposals to engage International Housing Companies based in the USA, Ghana and the Gambia to sign a Memorandum of Understanding. 

Dr. Senesie said that the aim of the MoU is to address housing problems in the country, adding that a US based Housing Company has consented to construct 10,000 homes in the country. He went on to say that 1500 houses will be constructed in Bo, 1500 houses in Kenema, 6000 houses in the Western Urban Area and the rest will be shared by other districts. He went on to say that the initiative is to curb the housing shortages in the main capital cities.  

“We have come a long way and made many mistakes as a country,” declares Lands Minister, adding that President Bio has vowed to address this mistakes soon. The Lands minister furthered that land grabbing has left many communities unimproved, infringed the rights of others, no social amenities, adding that most often than not perpetrators are left unpunished. He assured that he will change the narrative and give the people of Sierra Leone a better transaction in all land processes and procedures. He added that his interest is to safeguard the people of Sierra Leone. Through his reforms strategies, he said that when he took over office he appointed a nine man committee to look into the administration of his predecessor Dr. Dennis Sandy, adding that when the recommendations will be out he will present them to cabinet for approval for action to be taken. He urge Sierra Leoneans to think big and ready to confront the challenges of life in order to build a nation of International standard. 



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