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Lawyer Appeals for Traders

By Mohamed Kamara

A prominent Sierra Leonean Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court of Sierra Leone Aruna Bundu Conteh Esq and of Betts and Brewah Chambers but presently residing in London, has appealed to the government of Sierra Leone, Sierra Leone Police and the Freetown City Council to respect the fundamental human rights of all traders and stop harassing petty traders in the country. 

Lawyer Bundu Conteh Esq made this statement in an exclusive interview with this medium by describing the current operations mounted by members of the Sierra Leone Police, Freetown City Council as very unfortunate, adding that considering the economic situation of the country traders should be encouraged as they are contributing hugely to the economy of the country through taxation and other means. He has also appealed to colleagues lawyers to take legal actions on behalf of traders against the Sierra Leone government and the Freetown City Council (FCC) for failing to respect the fundamental rights of traders. He added that Sierra Leone has signed several international treaties in protecting and safeguarding the rights of traders. He went on to say that by so doing it will put an end to the frequent harassment of traders in their operational areas. Lawyer Bundu Conteh argues that government globally has the responsibility of protecting the lives and property of its citizens. He said that harassing traders is a gross human rights violations and that each and every traders deserve to be treated with respect.

He said developing country like Sierra Leone is expected to have a composition of urban planners who will advise government critical issues such as demarcation of business areas and other important areas. He said frequent removal of traders from commercial areas have serious implications to their livelihood, adding that it creates man made poverty and increases lawlessness.

He said that the topography of the capital city of Freetown is disadvantaged by the sea in front and the smoky mountains in the back. The British Urban Planners of the pre-colonial have also contributed to the minimal space provided for vehicles and pedestrians and as such, Lawyer Aruna believes that we have to sacrifice our parks and other locations to provide space for the business community.



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