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NaCoVERC Reports 1st Case of Omicron Virus

NACOVERC has reported the discovery of the first- virus to an undisclosed Nigerian citizen who entered Sierra Leone on November 25th, 2021, at the Lungi International Airport.

They said the discovery took place from samples taken when he landed at the Airport from Nigeria.

NaCOVERC reported that medical authorities at the airport have taken rigorous measures to check all passengers visiting Sierra Leone from all continents of the world. They feared that although the symptoms of the South African variant are reportedly mild, the virus can equally kill if not treated with urgent care.

The report in a press release has created fear among Sierra Leoneans as many visitors are expected this festive season to spend Christmas and the New Year with their families.

NaCOVERC has also appealed to all and sundry to respect the covid-19 protective mechanisms and has urged Sierra Leoneans to vaccinate to ensure their health safety.

Since the outbreak of the new variant, Sierra Leone is the first among Mano River Union states to report the first case and concerned citizens are also urging NACOVERC to reinforce their border surveillance teams to prevent the virus from escalating further.



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