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Police Beat Bo Rangers… As Eagles-Anti Drugs match Register Highest Goal in SLPL 2021-2022 Season

The turn of 2022 is infused with surprises, a non-starter for big sides and a cultivation of hope for those with weaker financial muscles.

The Officers, hugging the farthest trail in the relegation margin, sparked up a nonconforming surprise on Saturday when they took on the Elephants of Bo for a painful 1-0 win. The Rangers’ white coach, looking petrified, had no word for the strange loss. The Police officers seem to have codified their approach to matches: every match is a last straw.

This was after East End Lions had failed to secure a win against Central Parade in league opener on Friday, a 1-1 draw Mohamed N. Kamara, Afcon goal-stopper, could not describe.

For the most part, the league start has not proven well for big spenders: a disappointment for the wealthy and a grace for the strugglers.

If the foregoing is hardly enough, consider the match between Kamboi Eagles and Anti Drugs, which ended 5-3 in the host’s favour. Scoring eight goals in a single match accounted for the highest effort goal-wise in the entire league (from 2021 to 2022, just so far).

On the other side, tiring Waterfront Boys have modified strategies to beat SLIFA 1-2 to the utter dismay of Mighty Blackpool who faced FCFC for a goalless draw.

On Sunday, Old Edwardians were looking forward to the prospect of welcoming Coach Kaloga with a win, but the hope dashed when FC Johansen returned in the second half to equal the race 2-2. “However, I am impressed with the performance of my boys given my three-month absence from the team,” said Kaloga.

Up to now, no significant change has occurred to the league even when Police beat Bo Rangers and the Eagles scoring the highest goals in the league comeback.

So far, two hundred and forty-nine goals have been scored by one hundred and thirty-six players in one hundred and fifty-eight matches played in the Sierra Leone Premier League.

Musa Noah Kamara of Bo Rangers is still topping the Goal King list with nine, followed by Ibrahim Keita from East End Tigers with seven.

Up next, Port Authority will welcome Kamboi Eagles on Wednesday at the Attouga Mini Stadium whilst FC Johansen play host to RSLAF at the Wusum Field on the same day.

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