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Police Declare Nelson Daniel Turay Wanted

Members of the Sierra Leone Police have declared one Nelson Daniel Tuary wanted for allegedly killing the head of the Poro Society and one Foday Mansaray.

The Spokesman of the Sierra Leone Police, Assistant Superintendent Samura in an exclusive interview with this medium has disclosed that they will do all within their powers to arrest Nelson Daniel Turay. Superintendent Samura added that they have mounted several checkpoints at different locations within the provinces and in the capital city of Freetown in search of Nelson Daniel Turay but to no avail, adding that their men are still searching and they will not stop until the alleged murderer is arrested.

“All the evidences we have including the account of his step mother are all pointing at Nelson Turay,” he said, adding that the evidences are enough to warrant the matter to be charged to court without further delay. He went on to say that they have a handsome reward for anyone that would provide information that will lead to the arrest of Nelson Turay. He concluded by warning against anyone that will provide accommodation for Nelson Turay, adding that the person will face the full force of the law.

According to members of the Poro Society who are also in desperate search of Nelson Daniel Turay, will seek vengeance for their late boss Mohamed Kamara, adding that the penalty for killing a member of the Poro Society is death by hanging in the Poro Bush.

“Anyone caught hiding Nelson Daniel Turay will be severely dealt with,” warned Foday Sogbani the Northern Region Chairman of the Poro Society.

The step mother of Nelson Turay, Madam Rugiatu Turay told this medium that Nelson Daniel Turay is responsible for the death of her brother late Mohamed Kamara and one Foday Mansaray. She went on to say that Nelson Turay killed both of them and ran away. She further informed this medium that her step son was too anxious about inheriting the properties left by his late husband, Pa Sheika Turay. She accused her step son of always attacking her for her husband properties. Due to the persistence threats from her step son, Madam Rugiatu Turay said that she informed Mohamed Kamara to come to their house and admonished Nelson Turay to stop bringing the family’s name in disrepute. Mrs. Turay further told this medium that few days later, her brother came to the house and in the process of pacifying Nelson to desist from verbally attacking her; Nelson took offense and stabbed Mohamed Kamara to death and ran away. Madam Rugiatu Turay further informed us that few days later they got a tipoff from a friend in Makeni and in the process Nelson got the information that late Foday Mansaray was trying to expose him to members of the Poro Society, suddenly Nelson stabbed him at night and ran away. She disclosed that since then, they haven’t set eyes on Nelson.
In Makeni, this medium contacted the mother of the late Foday Mansaray but she declined to comment on the matter. However, another source in Makeni that preferred anonymity said that Nelson Daniel Turay is wrongly accused by his step mother. She also accused Nelson’s step mother of being heartless and vindictive. She added that because Nelson’s mother is not in the house, madam Rugiatu is doing all she can to plot the downfall of Nelson so that she can inherit the properties of late Pa Sheika Turay. She emphasized that Nelson is wrongly accused and that Nelson has no hand in the death of both Mohamed Kamara and Foday Mansaray, adding by alleging that members of the Poro Society are responsible for the death of Foday Mansaray in Makeni.

According to her, after members of the Poro Society discovered that late Foday Mansaray was the one providing accommodation for Nelson Turay, they attacked the house and assaulted both of them. Unfortunately she said that Foday Mansaray died in the scene and Nelson Turay struggle to escape to an undisclosed location. She pointed out that the mother of the late Foday Mansaray is afraid to say the truth. She accused members of the Police of downplaying the issue in favor of members of the Poro Society. She added that majority of the members of the police are part of the Poro Society and as a result of that they cannot exercise their duties well.
All efforts made to get the response of Nelson Daniel Turay have proven futile.



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