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Police Place Bounty On Adama Conteh’s Head

Authorities have intensified their search for a female youth, Adama Conteh for her alleged involvement in the Wednesday May 6th 2020 unrest in the fishing village of Tombo in the western rural area at the outskirt of the capital Freetown that reportedly left two people dead.
Police have already placed a bounty on her head for any information leading to her arrest.
The youth, according report, were armed with different weapons including improvised explosives and went berserk burning down the police station and the health center in the village after authorities have refused them to go out fishing with four hundred boats, but instead were allowed to go out with only twelve boats due to Covid-19 restrictions.
When the demand for authorities to add the number of boats failed, the situations reportedly angered the boat owners and their family members including Adama Conteh who said fishing is their only source of living, immediately takes the law into their own hands, creating chaos which forced many people to flee the village. They were all charged with riotous conduct, willful damage to public property among other counts.
According to information, these youths who were in large group outnumbered the skeletal police personnel at the station and forced them run before setting it ablaze. Their unwarranted action, reports say did end there and they immediately turned their anger against the town Chief Michael Benga and threatened not only to lynch him but to also but down his property. They accused their chief to be the brain behind their refusal because he is a member of the governing Sierra Leone People’s Party.
Tombo community is regarded as a stronghold of the main opposition All People’s Congress (APC) and most of those who took part in that riot are believed to be supporters of the APC and viewed the action of the authorities as suppression of their rights. Adama who was rescued by members of her group is said to have been at the forefront of the riot, pelting stones at the police and raining invectives at the other authorities.
Eye witness accounts state that pro-government loyalists viewed the action of the rioters’ as nothing but mischievous aimed at undermining the government reportedly helped the police in identifying their identities and many of them were arrested but Adama Conteh and few others are said to be on the run. Those who were arrested during the unrest have already been charged to court awaiting trial and the same fate awaits Adama and others.
According to sources, Adama is a notorious and fearless opposition APC member who, in many occasions has violated the instructions of the local authorities who she regarded as stooges of the ruling government, vowing that as long as she lives in that community she will never take their orders.
Meanwhile, the latest development which has led to the arrest of many of her allies has sent a signal to her that if she doesn’t find her way out before she is being caught; she will definitely pay the price dearly.



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