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Professor Baimba Entreats NU’s Administrative Staff

Professor Baimba Entreats NU’s Administrative Staff

Veteran Educationist and Acting Vice-Chancellor and Principal, Njala University, Professor Andrew Baimba has called on staff of the University Secretariat to put Njala University first in all what they are doing.

The Acting Vice-Chancellor made these remarks while meeting members of staff of the Secretariat for the first time since his appointment as Acting-Vice-Chancellor and Principal.

He underscored the role of the Administrative staff in positively impacting the image of the University which according to him had not been too good over the years.

Professor Baimba entreated every member of the Administrative staff and reminded them of their role within the University system which according to him is to complement and support the work of the Academic Wing of the University.

He further disclosed that he will maintain most of the good policies of his predecessor, Professor Mallam O.

“I am indebted to Njala University as the institution made me who I am and I always feel that serving it is an opportunity”, Professor Baimba maintained.

Dr. Muneer Jalloh while introducing the Acting Vice-Chancellor and Principal described him as an alumnus of Njala University who has contributed immensely in every sphere of the Institution’s development and that it was a blessing to have him back home to continue to serve the University.

Various members of staff welcomed the Acting Vice-Chancellor and Principal and assured him of their fullest support to make his tenure successful.
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