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Public education on Public Education: in Service of Our Children

Wow! Today I received my first 2 letters hand delivered to my office from a Class 2 & Class 6 pupil. A few days ago, I invited school pupils to write me a letter and so happy they are responding.

How exciting to meet you Ndeleiva and Nyanjeva! Very proud of their energy and what they represent. Ndeleiva- I hope politicians would’ve fixed your road & water by the time you finish school so you can fix other issues!

Really, I do this work for moments like this. So even when it feels like di woke nor get tenki, meeting and engaging with students is why I’ll do this all over again.

Thank you to Mama of the kids who saw my social media post and encouraged her kids to participate. They both reported they enjoyed the activity and were willing to discuss it with me. We need more involved parents who support their children’s learning and civic participation.

Ps- I saw someone who dropped in (open door) today and he brought her daughter who I also engaged with. She (in JSS 3) told me she wanted to work for women to enter Parliament. It’s amazing to see how our kids are progressing.
Dr Moinina David Sengeh



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