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RCB MD Inaugurates Training for Female Journalist

The Managing Director of Rokel Commercial Bank (RCB) has delivered a keynote address at a training organized by the Women in the Media Sierra Leone (WIMSAL) for female journalists.

The training is tailored on capacity building for female journalists in VTR editing, radio news writing and presentation, and the use of social media.

Managing Director, Walton Dayo Gilpin, while launching the training emphasized that, if more women are qualified in their walks of life, the better the society.
He said the nation required more competent and qualified female journalists, for the reason that, women are very supportive and detailed in wherever they are.

The empowerment of women and the girl child, he added, is critical in a profession that is male -dominated.
“Media officials are critical to the transformation of any society. Hence a training for female journalists can significantly make difference, in that, women are very thorough in whatever they are doing.’’ MD Gilpin added, saying women are stronger mentally and that they have the knack to make things happen.

He continued by saying women are always up-to-the task in every field of work, noting if female journalists are trained they will be in a better position to report the news professionally.
He challenged female journalists to take advantage of the training by competing with international media.



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