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S/Leone Poro Society Wants Nadim Henneh Raddar Dead or Alive!

By Zainab Turay and Abu-Bakrr Kamara

The Poro Society in Sierra Leone is notorious for recruiting boys and young adults.

Most of these young males are coerced and they have no option because their respective parents do not grumble because they see such as a traditional rite of passage into manhood.

However, the case of Nadim Henneh Raddar that lived at Bai Bureh Road, Calaba Town in Freetown is exceptional.

Nadim Henneh Raddar is also a resident of Makere village in Makeni.

It was a very unfortunate scene in 23th June 2020, when he was playing football with his friends and was called by some strange men to adhere to the Poro initiation.

Although his father, Henneh Hassan Raddar begged him for him not to undergo an insufferable event, the young boy was coerced.

We are told that even though the father told his son not to go and even stopped him, the Poro people grabbed Nadim and took him away.

But thankfully, Nadim with help from a few friends, escaped from his captors and since then, he has not been seen. He fled this country because he and his family became targets for traditional assassination.

To the best of our knowledge, Nadim needs to be assisted in order to ensure that he is safel and not subjected to the horrific so-called Poro passage rites for young men.

We further understand from Nahims’ father that Nahims’ mother (Fatu Raddar) because of the stress the son was going through could not cope. She died in 27th June 2020.

In the past few decades, Sierra Leoneans are being persecuted for religious, tribal, traditional, cultural, political and for other reasons. 



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