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Sarah Sesay declared wanted by the Ministry of Foreign affairs and International Cooperation For Allegedly Duping Money From a Turkish Cypriot Man named Mohammed Memmet

By our Local Correspondence.

Every year thousands of women are trafficked to Europe cities and put to work having sex with men. Sarah’s Sesay a young Sierra Leonean who had expected to become a carrier, eventually managed to excaped from three Turkish Cypriot Men who took her as sex slave.
Sarah Sesay was living in the provincial areas of Sierra Leone were she was forced and harassed by family members to become a head of a female secret society cult known as Soweis. Sarah doesn’t wanted to be part of the soweis secret society because it is barbaric and evil.

One precious day according to sources, Sarah excaped from her village and found herself in the capital city of Freetown around the Lumley beach were most tourists used to live. At the beach a man by the name of Mohammed Memmet a Turkish Cypriot man from Northern Cyprus saw Sarah crying and he was quick to came to the rescue of Sarah and promised her open heaven in Europe. Mohammed Memmet prepared a documents for Sarah to travel to Northern Cyprus for a better job not knowing that it was a sex worker job. When Sarah arrived in Northern Cyprus Mohammed Memmet introduces her as sexual worker and sexual exploitation which Sarah herself was not in favour and categorically told Mohammed Memmet that she is not in Northern Cyprus for commercial sex work or sexual exploitation.

Sarah herself refused the plea made by Mohammed for Sarah to have multiple sex with men so that Sarah will refund all the money he spent on her travelling expenses. Sarah didn’t much known that Mohammed Memmet was a sexual trafficking Man that took young African women for sexual exploitation or sex work in Europe and Northern Cyprus. Sarah’s refused to have sex with Mohammed Memmet and his three friends. She was later sexually harassed by Mohammed Memmet and friends before she was later rescued by a taxi driver who shown her the way to escaped to Southern Cyprus were she is currently seeking for asylum.

Mohammed Memmet is a friend of one of Sierra Leone Minister of Foreign Affair and international cooperation as they both are doing business together. Mohammed later explained his encounter with Sarah’s at Northern Cyprus to the Minister of Foreign Affairs about what Sarah did to him allegedly accusing Sarah’s that she stole hugh amount of money and ran away. The minister himself issued a press statement in Sierra Leone that Sarah had been declared wanted for stealing hugh amount of money from Mohammed Memmet a Turkey Cypriot business Man from Northern Cyprus and if found will face the law of the land. After some years Mohammad Memmet was able to track Sarah’s on Facebook threatening her life, including the minister of Foreign Affairs also through there Facebook conversation’s. Sarah Sesay is on the run afraid to come back to her native mother land of Sierra Leone because of the persistence threats made by Mohammed Memmet and the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Story to be continue.



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