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Sierra Leone Embassy in Tehran repatriates stranded victims to Freetown

BY: Elizabeth Davidson Campbell

Information Attaché Tehran\Iran


In 2019, three women left Sierra Leone for Kurdistan in Iraq in search of greener pastures. They eventually made it Kurdistan with house maid jobs for almost two years. They wanted to increase their chances of making further travels, this time heading for Europe through Turkey. They had been linked to an agent in Tehran- Iran who goes by name- Hassan with whom they were supposed to stay to facilitate transit. Hassan and the three ladies agreed on a $2, 000 deal each upon arrival in Tehran by road.

These Ladies were at the border between Iran and Iraq when they could not get across to Hassan who was to pick them up somewhere around the border. With Hassan’s phone switched off, the ladies were attacked by thieves who carted away all in their possession. They were later arrested and put to jail for hours until they were officially handed over to IOM who worked with the Sierra Leone embassy in Tehran.

The Ambassador HE Alie Badara Kamara with other staff of the Embassy in Tehran played the host for these Sierra Leoneans, facilitated the necessary documentations for the repatriation. According to HE Ambassador Alie Badara Kamara, the chances to survive in Sierra Leone are higher than elsewhere, he said to the Ladies.

This is not the first time the Sierra Leone Embassy in Iran is facilitating incidences of such nature. A 23 year old Mabinty Jabbie was rescued two months ago on the same issue.

The three Ladies are now in Freetown, Sierra Leone to be reunited to their families.



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