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Sierra Leone Police Declares Ibrahim Koroma Wanted

Investigated mounted by this medium into the Killing at Hastings In the outskirts of Freetown has revealed that a surveyor by the name of Ibrahim Koroma, working at the Ministry of Lands in Freetown Sierra Leone, and residing at Hastings, is wanted by the Sierra Leone Police after he is alleged to have disappeared from the scene during the said shooting.

According to our investigation, Ibrahim was sent to demarcate a land said to belong to a senior police officer at Grafton in the company of armed security officers on 15th April 2021. Whilst arriving at the land, some youths are said to have confronted them and told them to stop, as the said land is believed to belong to a youth leader known as Alpha Kargbo, AKA One Dada. During the argument with the officers, who instructed Ibrahim to go ahead with the work, the youths then began filming the team. It was further revealed that whilst this was on-going, the armed security officer told them to stop filming and to hand over the phone that they were filming with. As One Dada refused to comply, one of the armed police officer fired two shots at the leg of One Dada. All hell was let loose, as news spread that the youth leader, One Dada had been shot. Some of the youths who knew Ibrahim then decided to go to his house, as they maintained that they know his house and, as news of the death of the youth leader was reported, they also vowed to revenge.

According to people at the scene, they said that Ibrahim had taken to his heels when he saw One Dada fall down in a pool of blood, and youths were chasing him.

Meanwhile as news of the incident went viral, two police officers in the team were identified and arrested by the police on grounds that they were not deployed in that area, and that they were there on their own volition. Police sources say that on interrogation of the said police, they maintained that they were only there on the request of the senior police officer, who is alleged to have claimed ownership of the said land. The Public Relations officer of the police said that their investigation had proved that the officers were not on the site on police duty, and were there on their own. They further disclosed that the surveyor who was with them is at large. It was also disclosed that a warrant for his arrest has been issued and they have mounted a man-hunt for him, as he is alleged to be the said Ministry of Lands staff that had misled the team. He is therefore wanted as an accomplice to the said murder of One Dada.

During our visit to the residence of Ibrahim Koroma, it was disclosed that since the day of the incident on 15th April 2021, he has not returned home, and that some angry youths had visited their residence several time in search of Ibrahim. His wife said that she is afraid for the safety of her husband, as the youths who visited their home were desperate to find him and threatened to kill him in revenge for their leader, who they say was killed because of Ibrahim’s action to take them to the said land.

As we go to press, the whereabouts of Ibrahim Koroma are still unknown, and both the irate youths are looking for him and he has been declared wanted by the police.



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