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SLP Declares a Medical Practitioner Wanted

Following the sudden death of Honorable Alimamy Kargbo, who was a vibrant Member of Parliament representing Constituency 0671 of the Republic of Sierra Leone, the Sierra Leone Police force has declared one Sulaiman Jazzer Koroma of the Rokuba Government Hospital wanted.

Sulaiman Jazzer Koroma and two other nurses who were administering treatment to the deceased have been accused of killing the late Honorable Alimamy Kargbo.

According to a relative of the deceased, he brought his uncle to the Rokupa Government Hospital for treatment, claiming that his late uncle only needed rest. He further accused Sulaiman Jazzer and other nurses of killing his late uncle.

 Abdulai Kargbo further told this medium that for far too long his uncle has been diagnosed of high blood pressure. He also said that, during the electioneering campaign period his late uncle went to canvass voters on behalf of the APC party and he suddenly complained of serious headache and later fell on the ground, adding that, they hurriedly took him to the Rokupa Government Hospital for treatment.

“After two days, my uncle died,” he sobs, adding by accusing Sulaiman Jazzer Koroma and two other nurses of administrating the wrong treatment to his uncle.

 He vows that they will do all within their powers to ensure that Sulaiman Jazzer Koroma and two other nurses pay greatly for their mischievous act.

Going by the Rokupa Government Hospital records, indicated that on the 9th of February 2018, Honorable Alimamy Kargbo was admitted at the hospital and Sulaiman Jazzer Koroma and two other nurses were on duty on that fateful day and were placed in charge of the patient till he discharged.

 Unfortunately, Alimamy Kargbo died but no reason was given in respect of the cause of the death but the Matron of the Rokupa Government Hospital has informed this medium that they are now waiting for the autopsy examination on the remains of Honorable Alimamy Kargbo before the cause of death will be ascertained.

She added that, they have received lots of pressure and accusations from family members that the nurses that were administering treatment to the deceased had a hand in his death, adding further that, at this stage it will be unfair to apportion blames on the nurses because the deceased chart indicated that the late man had a chronic high blood pressure. Therefore, she appealed to family members of the late Alimamy Kargbo not to take the laws into their own hands and that if the autopsy result proves that the nurses indeed administrated the wrong treatments they will be handed over to the police.

Honorable Alimamy Kargbo

Already, she stated that, police have invited the three nurses and statements have been obtained from them and after three days in police custody they were released on bail. Sadly, the Matron explained that two of the nurses; Ramatu Kamara and Foday Bangura have been found dead. This unfortunate situation, she said, got all of them panic. She went on to say that the whereabouts of Sulaiman Jazzer Koroma is still unknown. She further told this medium that Sulaiman Jazzer Koroma house was completely burnt down by unknown people.

A relative of Sulaiman Jazzer Koroma informed this medium that their house was attacked at night by people believed to be hired by family members of the deceased. Saidu Koroma added that, Sulaiman Jazzer was severely assaulted but narrowly escaped. He further said that this got the attackers infuriated and set their house ablaze. 

“Our house was burnt down completely,” he said, adding by stating that, the thugs promise to wreck more havocs on Sulaiman Jazzer.  

However, Police has issued a press statement condemning the death of the two nurses and have assured members of the public that the matter will be fully investigated and the culprits will be brought to justice.



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