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SLP update the Media on recent developments

Police Headquarters, George Street Freetown, Thursday 25 August, 2022- In it usual strides to keep the public abreast on it operations, the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) has engaged members of the media on the number of suspects in custody as of 24 August, 2022, the number discharged and the way forward following the August 10 insurrection.

Head of Criminal Investigations Department (CID), Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Richard Peter Gibao Roberts commonly known as RPG disclosed that, as of Wednesday 24 August, 2022, the total number of suspects in their custody was five hundred and six (506) and that on the same day the cumulated number of suspects release was one hundred and thirty three (133).

According to the CID Boss, the release of the 133 was unconditional after thorough investigations and separating them into different categories including those caught during curfew, random arrest of August 10 and those who bear the greatest Responsibilities.

The release of the 133 suspects he said is the reason for investigations in order to ascertain the truth and evidence which can be use to proffer charges noting after investigations, there was no evidence against the 133.
ACP RPG went on to state that they have also release 24 suspects who were minors to the ministry of social welfare for reunification with their parents or guardians.
He emphasis that the number in custody cannot be static as they still have suspects who are on the run with others in hiding and that arresting continue on daily basis.
“I wouldn’t want to say now that after releasing the 133, we have so, so number in our custody, because if I give you a figure and after here we arrest, the number you will report, will be different from the one in our custody” said the Chief investigator.

Head of Community Relation Department (CRD) Chief Superintendent of Police (CSP), Edna Ansumana informed that, the SLP in it crime prevention strategy bid would be embarking on a massive and robust community sensitisation on safety and security and the misuse of social media.

The sensitisation and community engagement she said would be done in partnership with stakeholders, the Local Policing Partnership Board (LPPB) and is aim at bringing policing to the doorsteps of citizens and building trust and confidence.

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