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SLPP Thugs Attack APC Campaign Manager

Information reaching this medium has indicated that the APC Youth Campaign Manager of the Eastern and Western Urban District of Freetown, David Conteh has faced series of attacks from hired thugs of the ruling SLPP party, after the just concluded 2018 elections.

According to our findings, during the 2018 elections, the APC Youth Campaign Manager of the East and Western Part of Freetown, David Conteh was vociferous in canvassing voters in the East to vote for the APC party and that led to the miserable defeat of the candidates of the ruling SLPP party in all Local Councils and Parliamentary Elections.

Many people we spoke with revealed that David Conteh’s dynamic leadership in organizing meetings for his party stalwarts is mouthwatering, adding that, David Conteh was good at engaging youths in the Western Urban District of Freetown and also first time voters to vote for the APC party.

Our findings further revealed that, this got the SLPP leadership in the Eastern Part of Freetown infuriated and suddenly wage war on David Conteh to eliminate him completely.

One of the relatives of David Conteh that preferred anonymity, disclosed to this medium that, the hired thugs of SLPP party stormed the resident of David Conteh and destroyed his house and burnt down his car entirely. They added that, these thugs issued out threatened remarks that they will not rest until they eliminate David Conteh.
Furthermore, he claimed that the thugs also bragged that now that they are in government, anything they do, no one will arrest or hold them to account. Since the SLPP government came to power, he said that David Conteh has suffered several humiliations in the hands of the SLPP thugs for merely canvassing voters to vote for the APC party in the 2018 elections and organizing meetings for members of their party.
In an exclusive interview with the National Publicity Secretary of the APC party, Mr. Cornelius Deveaux has described the attacks on David Conteh as an attack on the democratic principles of the country.
“ I want the whole world to know that the ruling SLPP party has embarked on destroying the politicking of the country and derailing the progress made by the former President Ernest Bai Koroma. He ain making the political atmosphere hostile for all members of the main opposition APC party,” said the National Publicity Secretary of the APC party. He continued by stating that, “We wish to make it known that our patience should never be interpreted as a sign of weakness”. He further called on all members and supporters of the APC party to remain calm and law-abiding, as they await further instructions from the APC Party leadership.

In a statement released by the National Secretary General of the APC party, Ambassador Foday Yansanneh, has condemned the brutal assault on their members. He further condemned the unlawful arrest and detention of 250 members of their party and demand their immediate and unconditional release.

In an exclusive interview with the National Spokesman of the ruling SLPP, Lahai Lawrence Leeman who also doubles as the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs has denied claims made by members of the APC party on the attacks of David Conteh, APC Campaign Manager of the Eastern part of the country. He also expressed sympathy to the family members of David Conteh for the burning down of their house in the East end of Freetown. He assured that the government will institute investigations into the burning down of David’s house and bring the perpetrators to justice. He further called on members of the ruling SLPP party to remain calm.

All efforts made to get the response of David Conteh have proven futile.



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