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The Relevance of Communication and Effective Management at Workplaces

By: Sheku Putka Kamara

In this 21st century, maybe we could suppose that the relevance of communication and effective management at workplaces should not be overstated. I approach this discourse not just as a communicator and educator, but as someone that has managed and still continues to manage a few persons and places. In my secondary education, I did come to the realization that management among other things requires astute leadership and in such instances, leadership has to be about the creation of a vision and the allocation of relevant people behind that vision to make it a reality. This implies that, effective management will challenge us all to attain institutional aspirations and or goals.

In my university days, I could still recall that Joshua Nicol will always suggest that management has to be about the utilization of available resources for the attainment of predetermined objectives. He will always tell us about the 4Ms in management (Money, Manpower, Machinery and Minutes). All of these postulations were in line with Joshua’s standpoint on what effective broadcast management should actually be. However, we could figure that most if not all of those thoughts are connected to all other forms of management. Away from that, for the aspect of communication, a few perspectives always come to mind and Francis Sowa, PhD will always bring in a range of them on this. To him, when Isaac Ode said that communication is not just the giving of information, but the giving of understandable information, we must be ready to communicate what makes sense because and like he’d almost always say again, an uninformed person cannot inform people.

Even where Sowa’s focus was on journalism, we can see that the theory actually applies to all other persons and or professions. So and for the purposes of this discourse, I want us all to dig deep and to make a case on the importance of communication and effective management at workplaces. I have always supported the idea that good communication must solicit feedback, be it negative or positive. The argument is that communication has taken place (something that must actually be the focus.) A host of institutions may be constrained to effectively communicate more so where external agenda setting is concerned. Where this is the case and like Tonya Musa, PhD would suggest, attaining institutional credibility and acceptability may be problematic.

There must be clearer visions and missions in effective management and maturity counts too. Pastor Solomon Sellu has suggested in many cases that maturity is one’s ability to control his or her emotions. A blend of strategies are needed herein in achieving such objectives and Faray Bangura knows this best just when we speak Problem Solving Techniques. In all of these assertions, the media’s role in effective management is an expression of certainty and JT Lebbie understands this most, in his Media and Society discussions. Whether we are attempting to ditch objectivity and save journalism or whatever, Isaac Massaquoi, PhD will make a case that no matter the position that one takes, achieving clarity in communication and news writing is always a plus.

Yes, in communication and effective management, I am inclined to assume that some sense of investigations matter too and Amb. Ismael Koroma will propose that patience and carefulness will be relevant in such matters. Williette James, PhD will say this better in thoroughly preparing to source whatever information. As I touch on all of these standpoints, the Justice Dr. Binneh Kamara is believed to have noted that there’s no place for falsehood in journalism. I will broaden that scope to communication and effective management. Clearly, you do not want to misinform people. This is why carefulness should always be adopted. We all wish to succeed in communicating and managing and so whatever aids our approaches in attaining same must not be treated with levity.

Further assertions on media and communications in the context of effective management techniques would suggest that strategic principles and tactics are applied. Bernadette Cole will teach those research techniques and methodologies. It is moments like these that I always remember our wonderful Gloria Palmer of blessed memory. Her thoroughness like that of Dr. Momodu Turay’s is awesome! We are not entirely talking about computers and so Mr. Paris is protected, but no matter how one looks at it, there may be some sense in the usage of same. It could be argued that every institution wants to be accepted and this means that acceptable policies should be taken into consideration.
I will conclude today’s discourse by reminding ourselves that like effective management, communication is very significant in this day and age and that all efforts must be made to achieve such standpoints. It helps. Surely. We all want progress, remember and so whatever aids in achieving same should not be treated with carelessness! There are people we admire because of the way they communicate. Sometimes, the admiration may be uninformed because of political prejudices, but where actuality matters, we’d realize that attaining the acceptable position requires a whole lot. Effective management is cool too, but visible works must be carried out and surely, lethargic concepts and deeds should be discouraged. Let’s catch up next week!



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