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Unfair Treatment and Death Threat…
Detective Sargent Abdulai Sesay At Large

By Mohamed Bundu- Kamara
Detective Sargent 10696 Abdulai Sesay attached to the Bonthe Police Division, Southern Province of the Republic of Sierra Leone is presently on the run for fear of persecution because of his involvement in the treason trial involving former Internal Affairs Minister, Rtd. Maj. Alfred Palo Conteh in the Ernest Bai Koroma led All People’s Congress (APC) government.

Detective Sargent 10696 Abdulai Sesay was formally attached to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Headquarters in Freetown for over five years. He was assigned to investigate allegations against Rtd. Maj. Alfred Palo Conteh for carrying a loaded pistol to State House in Freetown, on an invitation by President Julius Maada Bio in order help fight against the Corona virus pandemic.
According to the arresting officer, Rtd. Maj. Alfred Palo Conteh was found in possession of a loaded pistol inside State House contrary to law. Based on his expertise as a Detective Sergeant Abdulai Sesay requested that since the suspect Rtd. Maj. Alfred Palo Conteh has created an alibi that he informed the police officers attached at State House about his pistol and further claimed he left his bag containing the pistol with the officers before moving to the conference hall where he was supposed to meet with the President Bio, a CCTV footage was needed to ascertain the truth.

Because of his request, on 28th March 2020; Detective Sergeant Abdulai Sesay received an indefinite suspension letter from the Head of CDIID, a suspension he served for a year.
A year later on 28th March 2021, Detective Sargent Abdulai Sesay’s suspension was revoked, his rank reduced to Constable and sent to Kailahun Police Division.
On 1st August 2021, he was also transferred from Kailahun Police Division to Bonthe Police Division with immediate effect on the orders of the Deputy Internal Affairs Minister, Lahai Lawrence Leema.

On 20th August 2021, youths in Bonthe Town attacked the residence of Detective Sargent Abdulai Sesay during the night and wreak havoc with intent to kill him. He was perceived as working against the government and that he was trying to protect Rtd. Maj. Alfred Palo Conteh from prosecution.
Sargent Abdulai Sesay reported the matter to the police and his superiors, but nothing was done to ameliorate the situation.
Sargent Abdulai Sesay fled the country refusing to come home for fear of persecution and to protect his life. Due to political interference six AIGs were dismissed and another ten senior suspended leading to the death of Superintendent Abioseh Samura.
Efforts were made by this medium to get the side of the police and the Deputy Internal Affairs Minister but to no avail.
We call on the International Community to intervene and remedy the situation.



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