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Young Leaders for Positive Change Network Donates to Orphans

By Anthony Vandy

In a bid to help support orphans, Young Leaders for Positive Change Network (YLPCN) have donated items worth millions of Leone to three different orphanages in Freetown and beyond.

Over thirty three (33) children of the Variety children Orphanage benefitted from the donations of non-food items.

Speaking to this medium, Madam Josephine H. Kamara Member of the Advisory Board of Young Leader For Positive Change Network which is a Community Based Organization said that the donation is geared towards Development, love and care for humanity. She added that YLPCN main aim is to support the vulnerable and deprived kids nationwide, adding that YLPCN has prioritized children and orphans in attracting development and providing the space for them to thrive well in society. 

“We donate clothing and other items to orphans nationwide,” she disclosed.

Whiles addressing the beneficiaries, she admonished Orphans to report all Sexual Gender Based Violence cases to the police and other authorities, noting that FSU offers free services to them. Madam Kamara called on them to pay great attention to their school work. Madam Josephine Kamara added that they have lots of goodies in store for them, adding that only those that take their academic work seriously will continue to benefit from their kind gesture. Madam Kamara reaffirms her commitment in helping vulnerable women, orphans and children. She cautioned the kids not to follow bad friends, not to involve in prostitution and to avoid all forms of hooliganism and drugs abuse.

Phillip Kemoh, the Project Coordinator for Young Leader for Positive Change Network while speaking to this medium disclosed that the donation exercise was made possible through the support from their Board Members. As part of their role, he said is to give out support to young people, protect the environment where they live and also to help them achieve their goals. He said the kids are the future leaders and that they should be supported and be empowered with education.

He went on to say that their organization is not political and that they are working to capacitate vulnerable children. On behalf of the organisation, he encouraged the kids to pay great attention to their education, adding that education is key to success. Haja Mabinty on behalf of the Variety children Orphanage expressed thanks and appreciation to the Young Leader for Positive Change Network for their support. She assured that the donation will be used for the intended purposes.



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