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Youth Ministry Supports Youth Creativity


The Minister of youth Affairs, at the usual press briefing at the Ministry of Information and Communications has disclosed plans to support youth in creativity.

Speaking on behalf of the Ministry, Mr. Amara Bangura disclosed that in collaboration with the United Nation Agency, Private Partners and state actors have moved to boost Sustainable Development Growth (SDG) by 2030 in youth creativity.  He went on to say that they will open the space for young people to compete in innovation contest, adding that the contest will give young people the opportunity to showcase their ideas, creativity and use of technology to solve community development challenges. He said the Ministry will hold innovative competition in Agriculture which will focus on innovative solutions on improving Agricultural productivity and food systems. He said that the top price is twenty million leones (Le 20,000,000).

To focus on solutions that help or enable people living with disabilities to fulfill their potential, he added that the Youth Ministry and Actors will hold a youth innovative competition of twenty million leones (Le 20,000,000) and ten million leones for the Runner’s Up. He said that this program is primarily to help young people make a difference in their community by bringing a positive impact to people’s lives. He continued by stating that the youth impact competition is for five successful youth from each region (North, North-West, South, East and West) that will be granted the title: Youth Ambassador.



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